Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The oil industry was one of the world's leading industries in the industrial age and has maintained its unique position in the age of knowledge. Due to its size, the oil and gas industry is one of the first initiators of knowledge management in the world. The experiences of companies such as BP, Shell, Schlumberger, and Exxon Mobil are among the first examples of knowledge management.
The world's largest oil and gas companies, both in the field of production and in large-scale projects, have been able to generate a serious return on investment in their organizations through knowledge management platforms usage. These companies have documented, developed, and improved their business processes through knowledge management software and have relied on knowledge asset management to compete with world-class companies that have always faced problems such as hunting for their talents in this Red ocean. 

Knowledge management in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries

As the main industry, the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry has always been interested in new management approaches. Defining new management approaches in Iran would be virtually impossible without considering the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Large companies in the country's oil and petrochemical industry can be named the initiators of knowledge management. When knowledge management was introduced only academically, with the help of MTA, these organizations started the way of knowledge management in the practice, and today they have been able to obtain valuable investments in knowledge management tools and techniques. Fifteen years ago, knowledge management solutions were not known in the country's oil companies, but today they can not be ignored as a necessity in these companies.

MTA and knowledge management in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries
As the first developer of knowledge management software in Iran, MTA started its first project in 2005 at the National Petrochemical Company. In a short period, projects in large companies of the petrochemical industry were started under the leadership of MTA and to developing customized MTAShare in Razi Petrochemical and then Bandar Imam Petrochemical, which created brilliance in this field in the country. In the following years, many large oil companies in the country, including refineries and oil and gas manufacturing industries, chose to accompany MTA to implement knowledge management software.
Today, knowledge management has become organizational units integrated with significant and long-term plans. MTA has started many of its most comprehensive knowledge management solutions in Iran, such as project knowledge management, as the knowledge management software modules in the industry. 

National Iranian Gas Compan (NIGC)
Sadri- Former CHRO atNational Iranian Gas Company
Gathering, nearly 1,500 valuable knowledge packages from the 50 senior and expert managers of the National Iranian Gas Company, was a problematic but unique task that the executive team and experts did well.
Tehran Oil Refinery

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Shahid Bahonar Copper Industries

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