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A selection of the best international knowledge management software
The purpose of knowledge management software is to centralize information in one accessible place .

Holding a KM conference in the railways
The support of the organization's managers for km is one of the critical factors for the success.

 Knowledge Management Total Solution in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
.The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance is one of the 19 ministries of the Government of Iran

What is the difference between knowledge management and content management?
. CMS) and (KMS) systems deal with creating, managing, and disseminating information

Lessons learned documentation plan of South Pars 12 to 24
The project strategies for managing the development plans of 12 to 24 South Pars was started at the end of 2017

5 global principles for knowledge management
.At the beginning of the issue, it should be noted that there is no specific and approved solution

Holding a training workshop in the National Iranian Drilling Company
.Holding a training workshop on the concepts of km in the management of special drilling services of the NIDC

Qeshm triple project kM
Pasargad Energy Development Company is one of the parent companies active in the energy

Knowledge management, disconnection in continuity
Being independent in the knowledge management process means preventing the little influence

Budget and time in knowledge management
Knowledge management, like many organizational changes, requires adequate budgeting.

 sharing the experiences of the organization in the National Iranian Drilling Co
National Iranian Drilling Company is the largest Iranian company in exploratory, descriptive, development, maintenance.

"Proven practice": Do not call it "Best Practice"
Proven method Select, document, and replicate processes that have been proven to improve business results and outputs.