Knowledge Management Total Solution in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

hoda abbasi    hoda abbasi
   Master of Knowledge Management

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance is one of the 19 ministries of the Government of Iran. It is responsible for formulating the country's economic and financial policies, implementing tax policies, and the program of economic cooperation and joint ventures with other countries. 
Following paragraph 16 of the general policies of the system in the management of the administrative system "Knowledge-based administrative system through the application of the principles of knowledge management and information integration, based on Islamic values" and the emphasis of the comprehensive administrative reform program on improvement in management systems and technologies and " Designing and establishing a knowledge management system and summarizing experiences in government agencies, "the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance considered the implementation of knowledge management to be vital for its activities.
The importance of knowledge capital in this ministry led managers to implement, and plan a Knowledge Management Total Solution in five phases, including maturity assessment, structure design, culture building, CoPs, and system setup, to record, maintain, share, and apply the knowledge generated and Put knowledge management on their agenda.

National Iranian Gas Compan (NIGC)
Sadri- Former CHRO atNational Iranian Gas Company
Gathering, nearly 1,500 valuable knowledge packages from the 50 senior and expert managers of the National Iranian Gas Company, was a problematic but unique task that the executive team and experts did well.
Department of Transportation
Jafarpour- Former knowledge director of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation
The future of MTA in the field of knowledge management is very bright. This company has been an excellent initiator for knowledge management in Iran.
Tehran's 10th District's Municipality
Sharifzadeh- CLO at District 10 Municipality
In 2012, with the help of the District 10 Municipal IT Department of Tehran, the municipal knowledge management software of District 10 was launched. With the cooperation of MTA, the steps of recognition, identification of municipal knowledge fields, and defining knowledge processes were accomplished, and finally, knowledge management software was set up. Tehran’s District 10 Municipality is the first municipality in the country with this system and actively extracts and shares its employees' knowledge. Development of employees' public participation in organizational processes, development of learning at the employee level, avoidance of duplication, and reduction of costs are part of the results of launching this system
Holding MIDHCO

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Tehran Oil Refinery

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Shahid Bahonar Copper Industries

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