Barez TireIndustrial Group

Barez Industrial Group (formerly Kerman Rubber Industries Complex) was inaugurated in April 1993 by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and chose the brand "Barez" for its products. This group started its commercial activity in 1974.
 Its initial capacity was 25,000 tons per year of various types of tires, tubes, strips of light and heavy vehicles, and agriculture, which was realized two years after the start of production. The tires produced by this group were introduced to the market under the brand name "Barez" and it was not long before consumers welcomed them.
Barez Industrial Group, using the EFQM model as a solution to organizational excellence and the BSC (Balanced Scorecard) technique in recent years, has focused on clarifying strategic goals in line with the mentioned values defining strategic projects in the areas of "management and structure." "Production and Operations," "Marketing and Sales," "Research and Development," and "Finance" are planned for its promotion.
To optimally acquire knowledge and maintain and protect it within the organization, knowledge management is considered vital for its activities. In this regard, MTA consultant company have various experiences in implementing knowledge management as a consultant and executor of the selection project.