Tehran City Renovation Organization

Renovation of worn-out structures in Tehran has long been a vital issue and has a unique scope. In recent years, Tehran City Renovation Organization has been the creator of new ideas and knowledge in this field, which has resulted in results such as the development of a comprehensive plan for the renovation of Tehran.
This rapid implementation has been accompanied by the production of a wealth of experiences, ideas, technical and managerial knowledge, and this precious treasure could not be sustained except by implementing a knowledge management plan. In this regard, in two stages, the comprehensive plan of knowledge management in this organization was implemented in 1986 and 1987.
With the establishment of knowledge management in the company, the knowledge of employees was recorded and shared. The experiences of senior managers of the organization were documented, and the MTA-KA knowledge bank was prepared with nearly 500 knowledge packages in modernization management. Realizing the growing need for knowledge management, the organization's managers put the development and improvement of the knowledge management software of the organization on the agenda in 2008. In this direction, they re-selected the company of MTA as their companion.