System Group

Group System started its work in 1987, with a capital of 120,000 Tomans and a group of three people, and after nearly three decades of activity, it has become the largest software company in the private sector in the country. This company has 1100 employees. It provides services to more than 12,000 customers in large, medium, and small businesses and has complete control over the country's software market.
 Group System has 51 subsidiaries, including 25 regional companies, 20 licensed companies, and six specialized companies. These companies develop the field of Group system activity in line with modern technology and cover products and services throughout the country. By applying global standards and developing information technology in private and public organizations and institutions, the Group System seeks to develop its customers' business as its business partners. To maintain its rich knowledge capital, which results from 26 years of activity in providing comprehensive financial solutions, management information systems, and software production technology, the company considers the use of knowledge management to be vital, and after reviewing the software available in the country market, MTAShre4.0 was selected as the comprehensive software in this field and joined the clients of MTA.