National Iranian Copper Industries Company

Copper is one of the metals that has been widely used for many years. 85% to 90% of the world's copper consumption is obtained through copper mining. According to studies, in terms of copper mineral reserves, Iran is located on the global belt of this metal, extending along the northwest-southeast axis of the country. To exploit these valuable resources, Sarcheshmeh Kerman Copper Mines Joint Stock Company was established in July 1972.
 In 1976, the company was renamed the National Iranian Copper Industries Company, which includes all the country's copper mines' activities. This company's duties are the extraction and exploitation of copper mines, the production of high-quality ore products, and copper products such as cathodes, slabs, billets, and 8-mm wire. National Iranian Copper Industries Company hasestablished many KM projects for capturing and reusing learning and experience material in cooperation with MTA since 2012.