Isfahan Oil Refinery Company

Isfahan Oil Refining Company has started its activity in the field of crude oil refining, and production of petroleum products and supply of feed for downstream industries (Isfahan Petrochemical Company, Arak Petrochemical Company, Sepahan Oil, G Oil Refining, and Iran Chemical Industries) since 1979 and now It produces about 23% of the country's petroleum products.
This substantial industrial unit, to achieve the organizational and managerial goals stated in the company's policy, simultaneously with the implementation of a vast and strategic plan to improve the process and optimize the Isfahan refinery according to environmental objectives, increasing the quality and quantity of products and profitability, quality management systems, Deploys environmental, occupational safety, and health based on the latest version of ISO / TS-29001, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001, HSE-MS standards, and operates under an integrated management system. 
Isfahan Oil Refining Company has started the implementation of knowledge management in a 9-month project since April 2017 with MTA consultant company. This project was designed to lead and guide knowledge management processes in the dimensions of organizational culture, organizational structure, and information technology in 6 phases.