Razi Petrochemical Company (RAZIP)

The oldest petrochemical complex in Iran has always witnessed the coming and going of experts who have not passed their knowledge on to each other properly. Expansion of activities and modern technologies and high cost of errors caused the company, following a solution to guide its knowledge management processes, concluded a Knowledge Management Total Solution (KMTS) contract with the MTA consultant company in 2007. So far, this cooperation has had outstanding results.
Using the company's advice and support, Razi Petrochemical Company implemented a Knowledge Management Total Solution (KMTS) in 2007. With the establishment of knowledge management in the company, the knowledge of employees was recorded and shared, the knowledge management structure was formed, and MTAShare software was welcomed and used by staff. 
Due to the successful implementation of knowledge management, Razi Petrochemical Company also won 2 statues of the National Knowledge Management Award. Realizing the benefits of knowledge management, company managers have put the development and institutionalization of knowledge management in the company's processes on their agenda, and in this direction, they have re-selected MTA consultant company as their companion and consultant.