National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company

The National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company was established in 1950 and has been active in supplying and distributing the country's petroleum products for more than 70 years.
The company has about 8900 organizational personnel, 37 regions (mainly in provincial capitals), 230 districts (in provincial capitals), 92 petroleum products storage warehouses, 49 aviation refueling centers, management, and supervision More than 3,000 gasoline and oil and gas supply stations, more than 1996 CNG fuel supply stations, about 12,000 oil and gas tankers, as well as the use of railway tanks, product transmission pipelines and refueling vessels, distributes more than 250 million liters of various products per day throughout the country.
The dispersion of its organizational knowledge has followed the geographical dispersion and the company's service area's breadth. To solve this problem, the National Iranian Petroleum Products Company has put the implementation of a Knowledge Management Total Solution (KMTS) on its agenda, and in this regard, has selected MTA consultant company as its companion and consultant.