Zanjan Province Regional Electricity Company

Zanjan Regional Electricity Company is responsible for supplying electricity to Qazvin and Zanjan provinces in the west of Iran. Because the experiences and knowledge gained during the years of operation of the company had been of great value, and also their maintenance initiatives are of considerable importance for the company's survival and improve productivity and effectiveness, led the company's managers to implement a knowledge management software in the company.
In this regard, after initial studies and considering all the requirements and infrastructure for successful implementation of knowledge management, Zanjan Regional Electricity Company, with the cooperation of MTA, implementation of a Knowledge Management Total Solution (KMTS) in five phases was established. These phases consisted of recognizing and evaluating the current situation, developing structure and procedures Knowledge management, culture and education, design and creation of knowledge network, and deployment and implementation of Knowledge Management software (MTAShare). This project started under a one-year project in June 2015.