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Knowledge Management Master Plan (KMMP)

Knowledge Management Master Plan is an eight stage procedure and is implemented based on the most recent and reliable KM theories. After knowledge audition in an organization, effective strategies for the organization get identified and adopted in 3 principals of KM, Culture, Structure and Technology.
The most significant concern of organizations about KM implementation is its multidisciplinary entity which is based on three principals of organizational Culture, Structure and Technology. On condition that an organization performs successful solutions on all three principals, there is a hope to be sure that KM can be implemented fully and successfully. To achieve this, in 2005, MTA developed KMMP as the most comprehensive solution of KM.
KMMP objectives:
1. Organizing created knowledge (experiences, technical and managerial tips) in an organization i.e. gathering, assessment, packaging and retrieve of knowledge through a comprehensive KM system in order to creating a knowledge bank;
2. Identifying knowledge fields and measuring knowledge in each;
3. Organizing knowledge documents of the organization i.e. capturing and categorizing the documents like reports, researches, papers, and… on the web;
4. Developing knowledge map of the organization to know who are knowledge holders in a field and where they are located;
5. Question asking process in the KM software to deliver a question to the most appropriate person to answer;
6. Creating a decision making support system based on the acquired knowledge for managers;
7. Formulating strategies for improving knowledge sharing culture in the organization;
8. Developing areas for face to face knowledge sharing;
9. Institutionalizing roles of KM teams and Knowledge engineers in an organization to make KM efforts continuous ;
10. Providing KM regulations and bylaws for structuring KM activities.