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Tehran Municipality

Iran Water and Power Resources Company

National Petrochemical Company (NPC)

Pasture Institute of Iran

Khouzestan Steel Company (KSC)


Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES)

Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company (BAORCO)

Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company (BIPC)

Tehran Oil Refining Company (TORC)
Khouzestan Steel Company (KSC)
KSC owes a great portion of its success to technical knowledge and experience of its employees. Finding access to new technologies and technical knowledge as well as managerial one made KSC think of starting Knowledge Management in 2009 under consultancy of MTA. Knowledge Management Master Plan was implemented in KSC by MTA and a group of consultants from Munich University.
• MTAShare 3.2 KM software
• Knowledge Acquisition (KA)